Friday, August 31, 2007


We are going out tonight with our neighbors to celebrate DH's safe arrival in Canada. They are Sikh, and they have been going to the temple while he has been gone, praying for his safe return. He is back, and somebody's God certainly pulled through for us, so now it's our turn to say thank-you. They offer a free-to-all vegetarian meal every Friday at the temple, so we'll go, eat, give thanks, and get a more rounded education on Sikhism. Should be interesting; I've always had a thing for Indian culture, and I love me a good excuse to put on a salwaar kameez and sparkly jewelry.

We are attending a "welcome back" party held by DH's family tomorrow, about an hour and a half out of Ottawa. We meet at Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving like clockwork, see the same family members, eat the same food, at the same house. I think it will be a little trippy to visit their house in the summer, with ne'er a turkey in sight. These family gatherings have been much less painful for me since I took up knitting. His family is all... well, mostly wonderful... but I am allergic to crowds of people and making idle, polite chit-chat. I pull up a corner chair, pull out my needles, and everyone forgets about me until it's time to leave. It's magic.
I expect to get a lot done on the Plain Wintery Blue Socks tomorrow.


Leanne said...

Sounds like you'll have a wonderful weekend with all these parties :-)

The scarf is lovely!

~Velda said...

I hope you enjoyed last night :) And happy knitting today ;)