Friday, August 31, 2007

Easily Satisfied

I am satisfied with small things today.

I finished The Scarf That Never Ends, and have enlisted DH to help with the photo shoot today.


This tail of yarn that is left over? It is a small thing indeed, and very satisfying to finish with that kind of grace.

scarf end

I have cast on a lovely pair of blue and grey socks... very placid, very simple. They will keep my toes warm in the depths of winter. I am loving this soft, luscious yarn and the sedate, soft wintery colours. (This is Austermann Step yarn.)


I am satisfied with having my husband in the house. I am pleased with how well things are going between me and his daughters, with the careful acknowledgment that this happy fairy time will end with the commencement of school, and busy schedules, and rising stress levels, and things will change- maybe a little, maybe a lot. But for now? I am satisfied.

I am satisfied that my time is my own for three whole days.

I am satisfied that I am allowed to wear civilian clothes to work today... a long braid, a girlie top and capri jeans, sparkly jewelry. Sandals. Perhaps too summery for the chill in the air that the sun cannot chase away, but dammit, it's still August and I will celebrate summer with everything I've got.


And so will our flowers.

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~Velda said...

oohhh that is sooo pretty!!! I love the edging. Must learn how to do that one! Congrats on a great finish....