Monday, May 23, 2011

May Two-Four

Mummy Linda came for a visit from Lacombe, Alberta. There was frolicking with kitties...

Mummy's Long Weekend 003
Mummy's Long Weekend 004

There was a spa day at Le Nordik...

Mummy's Long Weekend 008

There was a wonderful overnight jaunt to the Wakefield Inn...

Mummy's Long Weekend 021

Mummy's Long Weekend 027

More glorious food than you could shake a stick at...

Mummy's Long Weekend 029

And gardening. Finally.

Mummy's Long Weekend 050

Mummy's Long Weekend 051

Mummy's Long Weekend 057

Mummy's Long Weekend 056

Mummy's Long Weekend 053

Mummy's Long Weekend 060

There were also giggles with friends, visits with stepchildren and so much more. It was a wonderful visit and I miss you already, mummy.

Mummy's Long Weekend 023

Sunday, May 8, 2011


The harsh winter did my garden no favours. Half of my perennials won't be coming back, both floral and herbal. Even the mint died, and that stuff is more tenacious than many a weed. About 20% of my garlic was winter-killed, soft and rotting in the ground, and another 20% of the bulbs were thrown out of the soil by frost-heaves, despite my careful mulching in the fall.

Spring Garlic

Between that, the f^*%@ing miserable "spring" weather, my discovery of Bryson Farm's lovely organic, heritage veggies delivered right to my door, and the outdoor water ban imposed on my community until August (!)... my gardening craving is just simply non-existent. Two weeks until the last frost date, and I have no seeds started and no plans.

Spring Poppies
The few wild-sewn poppies in my front garden are about a week away from blooming... if you go back to last year, they were at this point in early April. The season is almost a full month off last year (which, admittedly, was early.)

I know that come summer and warm weather I may regret this decision but I can only think of three things I want to plant this year aside from my poor garlic: rosemary, more mint (may it rest in peace), and basil. Oh, and maybe cherry tomatoes. Hey, maybe some sugar-snap peas, too...

Kinda sounds like I do have plans for the garden after all, doesn't it?