Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Quick Update

So we're doing an oral presentation in English, worth 30% of our total mark. My partner volunteered us to do ours a full week before everyone else... hahaha. That's okay, I had nothing better to do this week then be a slave to PowerPoint. (At least the presentation is on Guild Wars (I know... how very very geeky) so the topic will be riveting to the other presenter and I.)

Oh yeah... term tests coming up next week, just a couple of weeks before finals. (ohmygod I can't believe we're that close to the end of the semester!)

Mum Linda flies out next weekend for a quick visit... I'm so afraid I'll be swamped with schoolwork but I'll do my best to clear some time in my schedule ahead of time. Maybe it's best I'm doing the oral presentation this week.

I am finishing off the last bits of administration that I need to do before I am released from the military. My last day as a soldier is 7 April... not sure if I'll celebrate or have a little cry or both. Not that I'm not loving being a civvie and a student, but that's a huge chapter about to be closed. More thoughts on this later.

I carved a bit of free time out last weekend and actually began Mum's quilt. The top is nearly pieced; I expect to begin quilting (as-you-go) this weekend. It's spectacular already... pics soon.

Must get back to my presentation. Anyone know how to knit more time?

Friday, March 27, 2009

CBC Cutbacks: Online Petition

I'm never sure how effective online petitions are, but I figure it can't hurt, might help.

I'm sure you've all heard the news about the massive cutbacks at CBC. If you're as outraged as I am, go here and let your tiny, insignificant voice be heard.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

No Littering

I dreamed last night that I had had a litter of kittens. There were nine of them, and they were striking and gorgeous. Each one had a very distinct patch of lime or vibrant orange fur on their necks, and I was a proud momma. I reclined lazily in the bed, feeling their warmth on my belly, enjoying their unique beauty.

I woke up to discover my thoughtful husband had gotten up, heated a rice-bag, and snuggled it against my belly. I had gotten up ah hour or so earlier to take an Ibuprofen to ease my cramps, and he responded to that with a little gesture of love after he woke up.

Kittens. Huh. Funny how the mind takes off with things.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Made A Spectre out of Myself

DH and I went to see The Watchmen last weekend. While I freely admit it isn't a movie for everyone, we quite enjoyed it for a number of reasons.

This is one of the reasons.


Silk Spectre II. All that crime-fighting sexy goodness and really long hair, too. She got me thinking.

The inevitable happened this weekend.



Yes... I Spectre'd myself, or at least my hair. For the first time in nearly 10 years, I have bangs... and I feel pretty damned hot, if I do say so myself. Now all I need is some yellow and black rubber for the rest of her costume. :) (Not to mention killer cheekbones.)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A New Low


So I was sitting here doing homework and came to the realization I've hit a whole new level of geekiness. I can't even find it within me to see this as excessive in any way...

I was also sitting in a reception area earlier this week, scribbling out Java code for giggles. Another sign the transformation is in progress. :)

Speaking of Java... that last mid-term I was waiting for was in Java, and it was a solid "B" exam. It will do... for now. Not bad for the hardest exam I've ever written, but I know I have to dig deeper. This will probably sound arrogant, but I am not a "B" student.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mercenary Love

I met Roy in a gym. It was appropriate... we were both young, and beautiful... and arrogant as only the young and beautiful can be. We worshiped at the temple of our bodies and recognized each other as a like spirit. It was enough to form the foundation of a relationship on.

The physical attraction was strong, and the sex was mind-blowing; perhaps the best I've ever had. We were both competitive, adventurous and outdoorsy, so found common ground outside the bedroom by mountain-biking around Salt Spring Island, weekend hiking trips into the interior of BC, and rock climbing.

We both loved country music and camped out over a long weekend to attend the Merritt Mountain Music Festival; a crazed four days of sun, mescal, oranges, sex and country music. (I walked out of the final concert one evening, thinking the band sucked, was more rock than country and would never go anywhere. Who the hell were these Blue Rodeo people, anyhow?)

Somehow, despite the shared interests and physical passion, Roy and I just never clicked emotionally. We both really wanted it to work, and stayed together long after we should have called it quits... just waiting for that spark. It never came, and we both realized the inevitable after a while. It wasn't a heartbreaker, but it was disappointing.

Before we parted ways, we made a pact. In the event that we reached 30 and were not otherwise engaged, we would marry. Both of us, vain as we were, felt the ticking of the time bomb that was age, and knew our assets were rapidly depreciating. If there was no better offer on the table, we would take the 75% solution and make it work.

As it turned out, I was married at 30, though hubby # 1 was no bargain... he wasn't even a 10% solution, but that's a story for another post. I changed careers, changed cities, changed names, and never saw Roy again. (I just googled him and found a few references to cross-country racing and the Grouse Grind... so he's still up to old tricks.)

It strikes me now how mercenary we were about it. We knew that we had the basis of a pretty good relationship, but we both wanted to see if we could trade up. There's always something better just around the corner, isn't there?

Are we ever really satisfied, or are we perpetually doomed to wonder what's behind door # 2?

PS... Hubby # 2 is a 99% solution, but I have to take his daughters into consideration.. that's -10% each... so he clocks in at 79% right now. In five years, when his daughters are out of the house (pleasegodplease)... his stock will soar.

Can You Hear Them?

This morning I saw the first "V" of geese winging their way home against the cold white sky. I ran to throw open a window, rapt and holding my breath, listening for their faint honking. As I heard it, my heart leapt within me, and I knew I had survived another winter.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shot Over the Bow

I have one mark in out of the two mid-terms I've been dreading, and while it's not the best mark I've ever had on a test, it's not the worst, either. I'll take it, and be happy about it, and use it as a learning experience.

I consider these tests as my "shot over the bow"... I had better knuckle down and get serious about re-wiring my brain to do code. The problem is, everything else in my life is already seriously curtailed due to this study-and-homework routine. Quilting? Who has time for that? Knitting? When there's a spare moment between class. Exercise? Shamefully, it too has often taken a backseat to my scholarly pursuits. And you can bet I'm not clocking 70 hours a week on GuildWars like I was over reading break...

I think what this is telling me is I have to study smarter, not longer. I'm just not sure how to get there from here. I'm also waiting for the "aha!" moment, where my brain cells re-arrange themselves overnight and I begin thinking and speaking in fluent Java and SQL. I'm kind of afraid, yet strangely turned on, when I think of that moment. You'll all still be my friends, won't you?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Put Me Out Of My Misery

Mid-terms are over. I have some results back, but the two most important courses I am still waiting on the results.

Those two exams were brutal. They wrung me out to the point where I lost the powers of speech for hours after each. One of my profs reviewed the exam the next day without giving it back to us (or giving us our mark), and with everything he wrote on the board, all I could see were the things I did wrong. (This, incidentally, was the hour before the other super-hard exam. That didn't help my mind-set for the second test.)

My confidence is shaken, and will continue to be until I see those results. I cannot code anything right now, too rattled by my perceived mistakes on that exam, and somewhere somehow I have convinced myself that I cannot code worth a damn (despite the fact that I was pretty okay with it before the exam.)

My third computer course, Fundamentals, I actually had two exams in, a practical and a theory exam. I got the class high score for both exams, but this doesn't go too far towards assuaging my terror of a bad mark in Programming and Database. I hope they put me out of my misery soon, because I have programs to write.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Next Time Aunt Flo Visits...

This article is a discussion of female hygiene products. Move along to happy fluffy bunny blogs if this offends.

Now here's a surprise. You're not being given the whole story by the "happy period" people at Alw@ys and the shiny sanitary plastic Tamp@x people. There is a real third option; one that doesn't involve the tedious washing of re-usable cloth pads. I've been using this for over ten years, will never use anything else, and can't imagine why more women don't give it a try.

It's called The Keeper. Essentially, it's a small-ish rubber or silicon cup that snuggles up against your vaginal walls, near but not touching your cervix, and simply holds the fluids back. Simple in execution, comfortable to wear, and it makes 17,000 kinds of sense.


Does 17,000 seem like an odd number? Well.... it's the number of pads and tampons the average woman uses in her lifetime. Can you even imagine that amount in a landfill? (go here to see it. )Next, try to picture the bleaches and harmful chemicals that went into their production. And now, the amount of packaging waste. Cardboard, "discreet" plastic pouches and wrappers. That's a massive pile of waste, girl.

Now let's do the math on the money aspect of the scenario. Having not bought the things for years, I really have no idea, but Mother Google knows all... lesseee... roughly $10 for 36 tampons, the same price for 48 pads. That makes the totals (are you ready for this?) $4700 spent over your lifetime for tampons, or $3500 for pads. Wouldn't you rather go to Mexico for a week... twice, rather than buying pads and tampons?

Now. Back to The Keeper. You pay roughly $50 CAD (at today's exchange rate) for a solid ten years of use. (Mine's over ten years and shows no sign of deterioration.) You simply fold it in half, in half again, insert, wiggle a little until it's a nice circle again, and forget about it. Well, not too long... the little holes at the top of the cup to help release the suction will eventually leak if your flow is heavy or if you leave it in for too long. So... you whip it out (by pulling on the stem) when you need to visit the lady's room, empty it neatly into the bowl, clean it with water if available, or t.p. if not, and fold it up and stick it back in. Look! You've saved a tampon already.

When you don't need it anymore that month, a nice wash with hot water (not boiling... this breaks down the rubber) and soap, and then you tuck it back inside the sweet little cloth bag that it came in until you need it next month. "Hand-made by retired seamstresses" the website says. Awww.

Seriously. Why aren't we all using this? Okay... granted, it takes a woman who is not squeamish about her body, its functions and its discharges. However, if you can bring yourself to use tampons, you can get used to, and eventually love, the idea of the Keeper. And even if you are a little on the squeamish side... maybe the environmental and monetary savings will make you think about getting a little more cozy with your bod. And honey, that ain't such a bad thing.

edited to add: Tammy says that they won't ship the Keeper to Canada anymore... but has found a site for the
The Diva Cup. It looks like the same thing. Thanks, Tammy.

At Least My Houseplants Think it's Spring









Sunday, March 1, 2009

Knitting Goodness

Ordinarily, I'd wait until a project was done to blog it, but these are making me so happy right now!


They... or rather, it (the twin glove has yet to be born) is the Nereid Fingerless Glove, based on Cookie A's Pomatomus sock pattern. The yarn is a scrumptious merino/baby alpaca blend called "Diamond Luxury" from Mary Maxim (!) that seems to be no-where on their site... a friend picked it up while on a stitchy crawl in Toronto from their outlet store. It's 50 grams of pure heaven... wonder why they don't sell it over the net?