Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Made A Spectre out of Myself

DH and I went to see The Watchmen last weekend. While I freely admit it isn't a movie for everyone, we quite enjoyed it for a number of reasons.

This is one of the reasons.


Silk Spectre II. All that crime-fighting sexy goodness and really long hair, too. She got me thinking.

The inevitable happened this weekend.



Yes... I Spectre'd myself, or at least my hair. For the first time in nearly 10 years, I have bangs... and I feel pretty damned hot, if I do say so myself. Now all I need is some yellow and black rubber for the rest of her costume. :) (Not to mention killer cheekbones.)


Arzu said...

Cuuuuute! This new look suits you really well!

Aline la Bergère said...

Spring has sprung with a bang at your house, hee! looks good on you.
A. xx

raino said...

well, we all know you guys will be doin'! hee hee

Velda said...

Whoa baby! That's HOT! *sizzle*

6356 said...

Uuuuuhhhhmmmmmm, have I mentioned that I hate that you live in Ottawa?!

kate said...

Wow! Or should I say Ow!!! - totally fab!

Anonymous said...

Your hair is awesome. I've only seen it in a braid, but loose -- jeeze louize!! (PS: I was hoping you'd post a picture of the blue guy.)

Linda said...

Oh, that's gorgeous! I love them. Not nice, though, Sue, giving me the near heart failure! Even if it was the truth, you knew what I'd think. You adorable, gorgeous rat!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

One thing at a time....first the hair...then the rest can follow:)