Thursday, March 26, 2009

No Littering

I dreamed last night that I had had a litter of kittens. There were nine of them, and they were striking and gorgeous. Each one had a very distinct patch of lime or vibrant orange fur on their necks, and I was a proud momma. I reclined lazily in the bed, feeling their warmth on my belly, enjoying their unique beauty.

I woke up to discover my thoughtful husband had gotten up, heated a rice-bag, and snuggled it against my belly. I had gotten up ah hour or so earlier to take an Ibuprofen to ease my cramps, and he responded to that with a little gesture of love after he woke up.

Kittens. Huh. Funny how the mind takes off with things.


richgold said...

I so heart grain bags. Always!

Does your Huz teach courses? Mine is in need of some remedial work ;-)

Arzu said...

I totally used mine last night too, but only because I woke up in the middle of the night and my feet were so icy cold that I couldn't get back to sleep. Whole grain fabric-y heated goodness to the rescue!

I loved the kitten story, especially how they were lime and orange. I <3 kittens.

Velda said...

What a beautiful dream and an even more thoughtful husband. I hope you feel better today.

raino said...

jeesh - now that was nice eh! i for one was kinda exciting about these kittens. i say you knit some orange scarves...

(my word vertification is 'CATingil' no kidding!)

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Are you sure that he's only at 79%.
Something like that should bring his stock or no kids.