Sunday, March 8, 2009

Put Me Out Of My Misery

Mid-terms are over. I have some results back, but the two most important courses I am still waiting on the results.

Those two exams were brutal. They wrung me out to the point where I lost the powers of speech for hours after each. One of my profs reviewed the exam the next day without giving it back to us (or giving us our mark), and with everything he wrote on the board, all I could see were the things I did wrong. (This, incidentally, was the hour before the other super-hard exam. That didn't help my mind-set for the second test.)

My confidence is shaken, and will continue to be until I see those results. I cannot code anything right now, too rattled by my perceived mistakes on that exam, and somewhere somehow I have convinced myself that I cannot code worth a damn (despite the fact that I was pretty okay with it before the exam.)

My third computer course, Fundamentals, I actually had two exams in, a practical and a theory exam. I got the class high score for both exams, but this doesn't go too far towards assuaging my terror of a bad mark in Programming and Database. I hope they put me out of my misery soon, because I have programs to write.



Velda said...

How often have you second guessed yourself after thinking you'd done well and then finding out your first intuition was correct?

Have some wine and take a deep breath. Stop worrying!

Aline la Bergère said...


raino said...

just relax. no sense in worrying or being concerned about it now. you likely did well anyhow.

Miri said...

Hang in there - you'll have results soon enough to confirm your talent and abilities are still intact!!

Arzu said...

I'm with Velda on this one. Relax! Even if you didn't do as well as you'd hoped, I guarantee that there will be kids in your class that did far worse than you. And if the whole class does poorly, it's nothing a little bell-curve can't fix.

By the way, my verification word is 'cramsol'. It sounds like a cleaning product you take to forget about all the useless stuff you crammed before exams, and don't need to remember anymore.

richgold said...

You've got to post that you've got your results soon. I'm chewing my nails for you! (I write my language exams at the end of the month. I have an idea what you're going through.)

richgold said...

And, just because Arzu mentioned the word verification word, this next one is a winner "Bransi" (which I misread as Brainsi!)