Thursday, March 19, 2009

A New Low


So I was sitting here doing homework and came to the realization I've hit a whole new level of geekiness. I can't even find it within me to see this as excessive in any way...

I was also sitting in a reception area earlier this week, scribbling out Java code for giggles. Another sign the transformation is in progress. :)

Speaking of Java... that last mid-term I was waiting for was in Java, and it was a solid "B" exam. It will do... for now. Not bad for the hardest exam I've ever written, but I know I have to dig deeper. This will probably sound arrogant, but I am not a "B" student.


raino said...

good for you on the java!

Velda said...

Odd, considering 3 screens at once a low???? I'd definitely consider that a HIGH! lol Glad you're grasping JAVA...I can feel your excitement! Congrats on your B but I can totally understand your comment -- I don't think it's arrogant at all. I was the same way in high school, I'd nearly stop breathing if I got a B ~ it just wasn't acceptable to me.

By the way, happy first day of spring xo

lookinout said...

It's nice that you know you can dig deeper. Power on!

Linda said...

No, you're certainly not a B student - that's just a fact.