Friday, March 27, 2009

CBC Cutbacks: Online Petition

I'm never sure how effective online petitions are, but I figure it can't hurt, might help.

I'm sure you've all heard the news about the massive cutbacks at CBC. If you're as outraged as I am, go here and let your tiny, insignificant voice be heard.


Liz in IN said...

Well, that stinks.

Alternatively, Canada's "public" broadcasting could switch over to doing what the US's PBS tv/radio does: Advertising from sponsors/benefactors (commercial and corporate).

On TV, they air these spots at the beginning and end of a program, not during. On radio, short spots are aired several times an hour, read by the local station's on-air people, very low-key, not "Hey, come on down and buy a car!" ads.

Public TV also holds 'pledging' telethons to raise money from viewers.

Anonymous said...

I have this posted to my Facebook page. Apparently, petitions and protests aren’t anywhere near as effective as individual letters sent directly to a key figure. But ya, a petition can’t hurt, right?

knitjo said...

As a former journalist, I really feel CBC has lost some of its journalistic prestige. Unfortunately, they have taken the same lazy, biased approach to reporting as their private industry counterparts. That is the real victim of respected journalism--the fair and unbiased story.
For example, tonight there was a story about Air Canada possibly filling for bankruptcy protection, in the second breath, they were saying how Westjet was having a seat sale and would discount passengers unable to take advantage of the sale. One this is totally unrelated and also giving Westjet free publicity as if they were a sponsor for the CBC.
I, for one will not sign the electronic petition.