Saturday, November 8, 2008

Finally Finished

My niece's quilt is finally done, and I am extremely pleased. I bought the fabric that inspired this whole journey last Easter, and it is supremely satisfying to go from a selection of Northcott charm fabrics to this.



The fence isn't tall enough to display the whole quilt, so... (cat included for scale. :) )



A close-up of the super-cool reversible border technique I tried and loved.


I am so very pleased. I've turned out some lovely quilts in my time, but I am most proud of this one, and I believe that there will be one seriously tickled three-year old in Nanaimo when she receives this gift; a pretty quilt for her first big-girl bed.

I took this along with my machine to a not-so-local quilt shop; the machine needed servicing after miles of sewing, and I needed to show this quilt off to an audience who would understand the blood, sweat and tears that went into it. They were suitable impressed, and paid me the highest compliment I have had as a quilter: they want me to teach a class!!! How cool is that? I'd love to do it, and my mind is percolating already with ideas for a sampler and course outline. She said spring would be good, so I have all winter to plan.

I also picked up the fabrics I need to complete my next work of art. My mum loves creams and neutrals, and hasn't been able to find a bedspread that she liked. Well and so, darling daughter to the rescue. Check these colours out and fall in love.




That's 36 different fat quarters in assorted shades of gold and cream, with some absolutely divine backing and sashing fabric and lovely rayon accent threads. I am so excited!


Velda said...

Oh I'm drooling over your mum's quilt colours -- SO rich!!!

So how not-so-local was it? Were you in town???? Or maybe I don't wanna know if you were.

The finished quilt is gorgeous, lucky niece!

Aline said...

Beautiful! Congrats about your new assignment. That is a very lovely selection of fat quarters for the next masterpiece. So impressed am I.

Linda said...

Oh, Abbey's quilt is just amazing, Susan! I can't imagine how you did it - it looks very difficult. The fabric for your Mum's quilt is gorgeous.

knitjo said...

I am sooo green with envy. My gram used to make awesome quilts, machine sewn, quilted by hand in her basement with a weekly group of friends. Although she passed her love for knitting,and taught me how to embroider, the quilting just didn't make it to me. Also my sewing sucks...can't sew a straight line if my life depended on it!