Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Irrationality, Knitting, and Irrational Knitting

When I start college in January (let me pause here to savour the sound of those words!), I'll be taking the bus to school. My program pays for my bus pass, and if it saves me the exquisite agony of driving during an Ottawa winter, I'm willing to undergo the mild inconveniences of public transit.

However, I have conceived of an entirely irrational fear of freezing to death at a bus stop. Despite my warmest (Everest-expedition-weight) Mountain Equipment Co-op parka, I feel that my winter clothing needs are inadequate. Thus, the mounds of warm winter stuff I've been knitting lately.

Without further ado, and with apologies to my youngest step-daughter's stuffed pig, I bring you my fashionable line of Bus Stop Knitwear.

First off, we have the "Drowning in Fiber" ensemble.

The scarf you've seen before, but the hat is a new addition. It's a stylish and ultra-warm pillbox-style hat, knit from two strands of bulky-weight alpaca held together throughout for that comforting "I've got a llama on my head" feeling.

This hat also features an unholy melding of crochet and knitting. Don't tell the Harlot.

(Ignore the look of pleading in the pig's eyes. He asked for it.)

Next up, we have the finished Mobius Cowl.

Ultra soft and yummy, this dazzling little neck-warmer left me cold. See where the clever mobius flip is? Yeah. I'd like that place to be warm and covered. Clever cast-on, clever knitting, but in the end, more decorative than useful.

I fixed Cat Bordhi's wagon. I unzipped her Mobius, I untwisted her ring.


And now I am warm. (And hey, isn't that a fabulous scarf pin? An indulgence at CSNF.)

Pillbox hats are fine and dandy, but as you saw in the last post, I gotta lotta hair, and I often wear it in a high ponytail. This leaves pillbox hats looking lumpy and dorky and feeling uncomfortable. I need... I need... I NEED ANOTHER HAT!

Whew! Saved by the curative powers of yet more alpaca.


This half-finished gem is, or will be, the Tea Cozy Hat. The I-cord to finish it off will be left-overs from the cowls... I adore that Mountain Color yarn, and am unwilling to let the smallest shred of the stuff go unloved.

Do you think I might be warm enough, or is there a chink in my fuzzy winter armour?


kate said...

There are always more body parts that need more alpaca! More mittens (in case you get one set wet) more socks and leggings (same reason or just because you want and color change) more cowls to go with more outfits, fingerless mitts to layer over other mitts or under other mitts so you only have to expose your fingers to show your bus pass - don't stop now, you're on a roll!

Velda said...

Oh goodness, what a vision "An alpaca on my head" lol...Kate's an enabler lol...I vote for more mittens too. As for the "entirely irrational fear of freezing to death" -- uh two words 1.Ottawa
2.winter -- definately not irrational. btdt. I LOVE the pillbox hats :)