Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mind Games

When I left the military to begin my three-month "sabbatical" before school, I did a little happy dance. I loathe early mornings, and I've seen my fair share of "oh-dark-thirty" timings, crawling out of bed when it was exactly the last thing on my mind. I rejoiced in the likelihood that I'd never have to keep exactly that schedule again.

This morning I did a good hour-long workout and completed my grocery shopping all before 0700. This is not untypical of my days as of late. Yes, for the first couple of weeks I didn't get up until 10-ish, but then the novelty wore off. 0530 isn't any less ugly now, but I feel pretty virtuous for getting up then, and not hard-done by as I did before.

It just goes to prove it's all a mind game.


Velda said...

I think it sometimes depends on what we're getting up 'for'!~ Good for you!

xup said...

I know. It's like being a kid where you hate to get up early during the week, but on weekends you're out and in front of the TV before 6:00. I love getting up early when I don't have to.