Monday, December 1, 2008

Wolf, Hat and Cake

I don't think anyone in this house ever expected to see this done.

Wolf cross-stitch

As it happens, I took my sewing machine to Arnprior for servicing about three weeks ago, and it's been out of the house for three weeks. What's a girl to do but cross-stitch and knit her fool face off? This project was promised to DH some years ago. Who knows, I might actually have it in a frame by year's end.

Expect another cross-stitch FO soon (!). I feel compelled to do sewing room spring cleaning, as it were, and finish up projects that have been lingering for some time. I want a fresh start with my projects, as I begin my fresh start with my career.

On the other end of the quickness scale. Also finished (in a day or two) is my "Tea Cosy" hat. I am totally loving this. It's alpaca, it's warm, and it's super practical.


From the back:


Yes, it has a pony-tail port! :)

I also did massive amounts of baking.


These are fruitcake... I make a mean cake and have converted several former fruitcake haters with my kitchen mojo.


lookinout said...

Good for you on all your projects. It was particularly the fruit cake which brought me to comment. I love it and haven't made it in years. Gillian

Velda said...

*thunk* (me falling off my chair 'giggle') It's awesome! I'm so proud of you to see you completed the gorgeous wolf piece! Looking forward to the next cross stitch completion, perhaps it will give me some mojo to get stitching again. PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE send me fruitcake! lol It looks scrumptious!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Gorgeous, very cute and I'm still waiting for a slice to be convinced:)

xup said...

You are frighteningly efficient and domesticated.