Sunday, December 21, 2008

My First Steeks

So it's been a Big Day in my little crafting world. I finished the body of the Kauni cardigan! I know everyone thought I burned it on the back lawn 'cause I've been conspicuously not mentioning it, but I've been diligently plunking away at it. It's slow going, to be sure, but this is a major milestone.

Today I sewed the shoulders shut using a three-needle bind-off. What a lovely seam this makes.


Then I went up to the sewing room and did the obligatory "please God don't unravel" line of zig-zag stitches on either side of the steek lines.


I didn't think twice, or fret, or even have the recommended glass of wine before I calmly put scissors to steeks.


I had been getting concerned, because Ruth's pattern is pretty scant on details, and I've never made a cardigan before... it looked weird. Holes everywhere, stitches on holders... once the steeks were cut, everything made more sense. I am pleased to report that it looks more or less like a cardigan before the sleeves are put in. (Excuse the crappy pics, they were solo'd.)



My only complaint is that it's a little small. It could use another 4 inches in width... not a huge deal as there are still button-bands to attach, and I could always do very generous bands to make up for the width issues. I'm *very* pleased, all things considered, and already have an inch done on one of the sleeves.

Here's hoping I have enough yarn.


6356 said...

You flashing people again?!!!!!!

Velda said...

*So* gorgeous! But scissors to knitting? I gasped out loud. Glad you knew what you were doing. Can't wait to see the finished product, this is my fave piece that you've done - ever. Excluding the socks of course.

lookinout said...

Looking at the stitch work, my thought was 'sumptuous'. Hope I get to see it at a meeting!

Arzu said...

Oh my, you are a very brave woman! The thought of steeks makes me cringe. Your cardigan is lovely!

LoriAngela said...

This is really encouraging. I'm almost done the sleeves and starting the cardigan body on a Philosopher's Wool sweater. My first steeks!