Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wrapping it All Up

It's been a busy season. We had many Obligations to DH's family... noisy affairs that left me drained at the end of them. I'm glad they're done.

Tonight is the final event of the holidays; a big New Year's Eve ball at a downtown hotel. It's 9 AM and I should be upstairs making a feather fascinator (I was delighted to learn that there was such a wonderful word for the ornament I wanted) to adorn my hair, but I wanted to sit a bit and chat with you... it's been a while.

A couple of weeks ago, I looked through the knitting guild membership roll, which is handily broken down by postal code. I noticed there was a knitter just a couple of blocks away from me, and immediately invited her to tea. Of course the holidays intervened, so we didn't get to meet until yesterday, but it was well worth the wait. We spent the entire afternoon talking and engaged in yarny pursuits; it was absolutely lovely. I think there's definite potential for her and I to get up to much knitterly mischief.

Early this week, I received my ball of Kauni from Lucy Neatby... just when I've reached the point of thinking I may be okay with the yarn I have. I certainly don't mind having an extra ball of the delicious stuff in stash, though, so I don't mind whichever way this goes.

The next day I received another package from Lucy. Puzzled, as I hadn't ordered anything else, I opened it, thinking maybe I had won a draw or something. Inside were two of her famous DVD's... and a receipt in another customer's name. Ooooh, crud... a shipping label accident! I called Lucy this morning to let her know of the problem, and I suppose I did win a draw of sorts... she said I should keep the DVD's! She'll re-ship them to the rightful customer, and all is well.


Knitting gold, my friend. I can't wait to sit down and learn!

May your evening be raucous and rowdy, or quiet and introspective, depending on what you prefer. DH and I are going with the former after many years of the latter. Tonight, at the stroke of midnight, we will be kissing in not just another year, but another year of marriage... tomorrow is our third wedding anniversary.

Brad's Shots (48)
Thank you, my love, for the best three years of my life. Here's to a lifetime more.


Velda said...

Have a wonderful time tonight Susan. Happy New Year and many more happy years of married bliss with Wayne.

I can't wait to see the fascinator!

Aline said...

O the newlyweds! I am an old old lady now... What a wonderful time of year to be married. Congrats!