Thursday, December 11, 2008

FO: Earthdancer

I'm not going to tell you how long this has been waiting to be finished, or the insignificant amount of time that it took me to complete, once I put it up on the frame. You'd gasp in disbelief and think me a moron. The point to concentrate on is that it's done! :)


And although I have my sewing machine back, I've started another cross-stitch project. DH just laughs as he suspects the recipient will be long dead by the time I finish this, but I may prove him wrong.


You'll keep me honest and ask for progress reports, won't you? :)


Velda said...

*GASP* --- Okay I knew about Earthdancer, she is such a stunning piece. I just can't get over the amount of stitching you're doing! Have you ever stitched a Cross Winged Collection piece before? Yes? good, then you know. No? uhoh. Have fun and you can bet I'll be looking for updates :) It's a beautiful piece.

Aline said...

Now that is stunning.
As for me, I have never tried cross stitch. I am sooo blind, I get a twitch just thinking about it. ahem.
Good luck!

xup said...

Gorgeous. How long until the othe thing is done? Have you started yet? Where did you start? What have you finished? (there, how's that for prodding?)