Tuesday, December 23, 2008

To Die For

I'm two inches into a sleeve on the Kauni cardigan, I have yarn for one other cardigan and one other sweater already in stash, yet I have an unholy burning desire to knit this.


Not in white, 'cause I think I'd cry the first time I inevitably stained it, but all the same. How hard should I fight this, considering the pattern is free and the yarn is only around $40 from Knitpicks?

Oooooh. Damn that beautiful Nordic knitting!


Velda said...

You shouldn't try hard at all...it's Christmas. Go for it. Besides, soon you'll be a studying student and then you will resist more. Might as well do it now while your resistance is low ;) I love the clasps.

Aline said...

I have a mean case of the same illness over here in the boonies. I think you have made an excellent choice as far as burning desires go. Enjoy!

kate said...

Resistance is futile!
And I am a very good enabler.

Two very good reasons why you are so doomed!!!!

As Nike says, "Just do it!"