Monday, November 10, 2008

The Eternal "Why?"

A very dear friend of mine was seriously injured in a hockey game a little over a week ago. This brave, spirited, generous and kind man, who served his country unflinchingly, taught little kids to have respect for themselves and others on the hockey rink and soccer pitch, and who served in his community as a volunteer fire-fighter, has suffered a spinal cord injury and has no feeling from the neck down.

It's in the process of breaking my heart. Why him?

I know it's all random, this fun roller-coaster called life, but why does life seem to save up these awful experiences for the truly good people?


Velda said...

I'm so sorry :( It's not fair!

knitjo said...

The mysteries of life I guess. If we knew why, we would probably drive ourselves nuts.

kate said...

Shit, Damn, Crap - that is just lousy in every sense. My fingers are crossed and a prayer said that a miracle will happen.