Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'll bend over. You know what to do.

Yesterday was a very flavourful day. Lisa and I went to the Carp Garlic Festival and Farmer's Market first thing in the morning... it's just as well DH isn't around 'cause I sampled more raw garlic than is socially acceptable. Who knew there was that many varieties? I feel kind of ripped off, now that I know that the stuff sold in the stores isn't the best. I think I'll have to plant my own this September because the fresh stuff is amazing.

We detoured on the way home to Nicastro's, an Italian grocery store on Merivale. Amazing. I have never seen that many varieties of olive oil, even in Greece. It's not just Italian stuff, either... they have a great selection of Greek delicacies including some of the harder-to-find cheeses, and a great sour cherry juice concentrate that I OD'd on in Slovenia in June. Sweet to know there's a local spot for the good stuff. I am loving that store.

This morning I spent in contemplation of the meaning of life. No kidding. I'm taking a philosophy course. I've spent the last 30-some odd years trying to figure out what it's all about, and now I have to suddenly lock it in and write three pages on what has had me puzzled for all that time. I took this course 'cause I thought it would be an easy credit... and although it's been really interesting, it has been anything but easy. I've gone some very strange places in my mind over the last month.

When my head was about to explode, I took myself up to the sewing room and worked on the duvet cover. I finished the quilting of the borders and sashing, and got two blocks quilted... nothing fancy, just a little stitch-in-the-ditch. I figured a serviceable and plain quilting job beat the hell out of a fancy job that never got done. And I do very much need this duvet cover in action... none of our old linens match our bedroom since I painted.

Stitching completed so far

I figured I'd also take the opportunity to introduce you to Project Six of the 10. I'll bend over right now so you can kick me on the butt. I'm sure you'll want to. I am so close to finishing her. I believe all I have left to do is some more faux-suede fringing on her dress in the lower left. Don't ask me why she's been so close to being done for so long, especially when I love her so much.

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~Velda said...

Earthdancer is beautiful! I love the colours in the dream catcher :) Now get going girl! Shall I challenge you to a stitch-off? lol nah, I have nothing even that close to finishing...Your 'food' road trip sounds like it was alot of fun! Let me know how the garlic growing goes..say that 3x real fast ;)