Thursday, August 2, 2007

Completely Helpless

I have currently chosen five projects out of ten. This means there are as many projects to choose as I have already chosen. This means that there's a wide, wide world of crafty goodness that has yet to be chosen... and the possibility exists that one of those projects was just conceived of today, right?

Those with the soul of a lawyer will be crying out that I have just violated the spirit, if not the letter, of 10 Projects when I had a little online falling-down here. In my defence, I am knitting the Monkeys and plan to knit Millicent on the lovely, pointy and relatively inexpensive circular needles that Knitpicks has... I was just concerned about gauge, that's all, when I ordered some more needles from them. Millicent's a thicker sock with thicker yarn, you know, and I needed other sizes. I cannot be held responsible if a few balls of this and a little bit of this fell in the basket! I was completely helpless!

*peeking up coyly to see if you're buying the faux act of contrition I'm trying to pull*

No, eh?

Didn't think so.

1 comment:

~Velda said...

nope lol....but I still say socks are a necessity and therefore exempt from the 'rules' if you're faux pas-ing, can I pass that exception off as an excuse for my name to move on up that list in your magic knitting book...nah? Didn't think so either ;)