Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nothing Like A Little Voodoo

I'm officially getting panicky. It's four days since the "itchy fingers" post. I have a ball of yarn the size of a modest hazelnut left on the Fan and Feather scarf. And nothing else on the needles.

God help me, I've become addicted this quickly. In November, I didn't know a DPN from a circular, a knit from a purl. All I knew is that I hated knitting. I'd tried it and it was too hard. Crochet was much simpler... one hook, one string. I was all about the quick results.

Then, at a book signing, Her Nibs the Yarn Harlot herself suddenly made me ashamed of my non-knitter status. I think she was a little surprised I even had the temerity to step through the doors of Yarn Forward considering the avid mob with so many pointy sticks at their disposal. She greeted Lisa and I warmly and made us feel totally welcome, but I swear she made this little voodoo finger gesture under the table as she charmed us utterly. I dreamed of knitting socks for days afterwards.

Her work is now complete. Here I am, 9 months post-Harlot, jonesing for some new knitting. Getting right irate because I didn't have the time to begin anything new, looking with soft fondness at the yarn on the table beside the couch. (That's another sign, I suppose. I am now considering yarn to be an interior decorating accent. And I made DH switch our traditional sides of the couch with me so I could have the better lighting.)

The rabbit hole is so soft and cozy and welcoming. I don't want to stop falling.

Enough typing. Supper dishes are cleaned, the house is quiet, and I have a well-lit couch and a basket full of pretties to attend to.

PS... See you at the bottom of the rabbit hole, Velda. Nice yarn, by the way.


Leanne said...

Welcome to the dark side. Muhahaha.

~Velda said...

the rabbit hole huh? lol...ironically I picked up my knitting last night too, first time in 4 days! I'm sucked back in again..and I desperately want to start something new with my man-made-el-super-cheapo yarn (I giggled the entire time I was deciding what colour/buying it, hearing your words in my head) But I couldn't resist fooling around with the cheap stuff before I got really sucked into more mohair....I love the mohair...I need more...I want more....I need baskets of it....