Sunday, September 2, 2007

Plain Wintery Socks

Plain Wintery Socks
I just knew there would be some good knitting done yesterday.

This is about three inches of progress... I know some people could have got the whole darn sock done in that period of time but this for me is pretty good. I'll probably take them another inch before I begin the heel.

I'm getting some vicious laddering on these, and I can't seem to make it go away. I've tried making the stitches before and after the cables really tight, but that's had minimal effect. These are my first plain-janes on circs; with the monkeys, laddering wasn't an issue at all. Weird.

Today is for quilting. My husband has gone "out to the bush" with his brothers to beat his chest in a manly fashion, or whatever they do out there. He's taken the girls, too... the house is mine. I think I'll call up a girlfriend and sew away the afternoon. What a terrible way to spend the day! :)

I got the marks back this morning for my first unit in Philosophy. Although I got a diploma in BC, I'm upgrading my Grade 12-level courses. Physics last term, Philosophy over the summer and fall, and Advanced Functions beginning mid-September.

I absolutely agonized over this unit, taking twice as long as expected to hand it in... every question was something I had spent years thinking about, and now all the sudden I needed to come up with a hard answer! Wow, it was tough, and I felt my efforts were very juvenile.

Not so, apparently. I received a glowing evaluation and it was suggested that I perhaps *am* a philosopher.

Mom, you were right. :) Can you call it, or can you call it?


~Velda said...

What is laddering? Those are gorgeous!

Congrats on your great marks, however after reading some of your writings, it's no surprise to me! Still wanna read that essay too! Enjoy your peaceful day!

Leanne said...

One thing you do to avoid laddering is to change where the join is on each round. You can do that by knitting the first couple of stitches with your full needle before moving on to the new one. I used to do that all the time - works like a charm. I don't seem to need to anymore though. I'm not sure what I'm doing differently, but I don't have as much of a laddering problem as I used to have.