Friday, September 28, 2007

Kind of Funny

I ran into the other gal on station who knits today (the chunky acrylic lover), and she asked me if I had finished my socks yet. I couldn't bear to have her patronize my slow knitting again, so I exaggerated. Okay, I flat-out lied... said that one was done and I hadn't yet cast on the other.

All to no purpose, though. Her face got all pitying and she said "Slow and steady... keep on going!" like she was encouraging a mentally deficient child. I smiled the kind of smile that said child might smile... full, toothy and overly optimistic, and walked away, leaving her to her pity.

I can't be angry. I think it's kind of funny, actually. Those socks come with me to night school, so the only time they get worked on is about 15 minutes before class, and during the 15 minute break. So I'm working on those socks for about an hour a week, and still am making what I consider good progress. I am finished the gusset decreases, cruising along towards the happy toesies.

Kate and I had this discussion at the last Tuesday SnB. We concluded that I am a process knitter, and I am happy with this. If I only had one ball of wool to knit for the rest of my life, I would knit it 2,000 different ways and happily rip it all out to try the 2,001st way. I am not in this to win races as to how fast I can crank out a pair of socks... I am still pretty amazed about the fact that I can knit anything at all, let alone clever socks on tiny needles with fine yarn. I don't think Chunky Acrylic Girl would understand this, even had I taken the time to explain.

On to quilting. The ever-helpful Adriana at Quilter's Choice where I first bought this fabric has confirmed (with the manufacturer, no less) that the green paisley focus fabric is not available any longer. I think I will attempt to find fabric that is a close match instead to the sashing... this dark caramel crackle.

It will look lovely both with the green paisley and also against the burgundy bed skirt. I'll get enough fabric to make pillow shams, as well. (DH suggested that I get still more fabric and make a new skirt out of the same. I kinda like the multi-coloured theme that green, caramel and burgundy offer, but DH usually has pretty good colour/fashion sense. Any thoughts, or do you need pics to get an idea of what the girl is rambling on about?)

Speaking of colours. Gillian left a comment on my last entry, informing me that my blog is hard to read on Bloglines. Having never used that program, much less read my own blog on it, I had no idea there was a problem. I checked it out on Google Reader and found it okay (though admittedly, not optimum)... I would also appreciate your comments on readability issues, if any. I love my black/orange scheme but certainly don't want to leave anyone behind 'cause I'm hard to read.


Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Tell chunky acrylic lover that perfection takes time with quality yarn. Give her a pity look and tell her how sorry you are that she doesn't have the dexterity to work with fine yarns.

Anonymous said...

Gillian again...I read it on Bloglines today and it takes more concentration. It's true that your gold on black blog is very handsome. I can always go from Bloglines to your blog to read, but I had only noticed recently that it was yellow. I don't know if it appeared that way when I first subscribed sometime this summer.

~Velda said...

lol chunky acrylic girl...giggle....

I love the blue in the quilt but I think with the colour of your walls and all the rest that the caramel would look really nice. I'd go for the burgundy personally but then putting it against the burgundy bedskirt would defeat the purpose. See why I don't quilt lol

Your blog colours -- I love your blog in the black and golden google reader it's the golden against the white, it slows me a little but then I just come to your blog and read there, no biggie for me :)

have a wonderful weekend! Miss chatting with you, I've been SO busy (wedding this weekend) ((Hugs))