Thursday, January 3, 2008

Another World

It seemed a different world entirely this morning, getting up well before the sun, braving the snow-covered roads and extreme cold in order to get to work. (You know it's cold when your nose-hairs stick together everytime you dare to breathe.) Just a few short days ago, (or was it 3000 years?) we were basking in the Egyptian sun. The adventure is over, but now I get to share it with you and re-live the experience.

I had originally had hopes of blogging as I went, but the almost total lack of Internet access and time put the end to that pipedream. I was pleased enough to find access, such as it was, in Cairo, to let you know we had made it there despite the blizzard. I've spent these last three days since we got back just trying to get back into the hang of my life... not to mention celebrating our second wedding anniversary at Le Nordik Scandinavian spa. It was as perfect a day as I could have wanted.

I'm still downloading DH's photos, but I'll be putting up a summary of our adventures in the days to come.

On the knitting front, my airplane-and-airport knitting has netted me two socks- a lovely green varigated for my husband (done on bamboo needles so as to be acceptable to overly-paranoid airport security) and a Waffle sock for myself, done in a sunny stripy cotton-wool blend. Pics of those to follow, too, perhaps when I have a pair of anything done. (It took me twice as long to knit the sock for my husband as it did the one for me... large feet are, perhaps, his only flaw.)

I completely failed to find Egyptian yarn for a souvenir... my search was hampered by my complete lack of knowledge of the Arabic language (note to self: take lessons) and not a whole lot of time to look, either. The only yarn I spotted was some nasty acrylic imported from China. Ick.

I will try over the next few days to bring you a little relief from the bitter winter. Come travel vicariously with me. I hope that I can fill you with just a little of the awe and other-worldness of our experience.


~V said...

Welcome home! Happy New Year, Happy Anniversary and looking forward to all your fabulous photos :)

kate said...

Welcome home!! Glad to see you are safe and sound and rejuventated if not a wee bit weary!! I can't wait for your journalist talents to take me to far away places! Hope we'll see you in person at TAFK!