Monday, January 28, 2008

Day 5: Edfu, Kom Ombo, Galabea Party

December 23. We docked last night at Edfu and toured the amazingly well-preserved temple there.

Egypt, Day 5, Edfu Temple

Egypt, Day 5, Edfu Temple (3)

Egypt, Day 5, Edfu Temple (6)
Amazingly, traces of paint still are visible by the solar disc on the lintel.

Egypt, Day 5, Edfu Temple (10)
The tops of each column were carved differently. Such craftsmanship.

Egypt, Day 5, Edfu Temple (21)
Can you spot the hieroglyphic symbol for fertility?

Egypt, Day 5, Edfu Temple (22)
Anubis, looking pretty svelte.

Egypt Xmas 2007 193
Another excellent reason to look up... Click through to see the full picture; it's worth it.

Egypt Xmas 2007 200
The relief on these carvings is amazing. Muscles are well defined, the curve of her belly looks so soft. These were made by master artisans.

Egypt Xmas 2007 214

Egypt Xmas 2007 215
DH and I at Horus's feet.

Egypt Xmas 2007 163

Egypt Xmas 2007 221

Scenery along the way south. We cruised south of Edfu to arrive at another temple site, Kom Ombo, near dusk.

Egypt Xmas 2007 225

Egypt Xmas 2007 230

Egypt Xmas 2007 234

Egypt, Day 5, Kom Ombo (7)
There was a crocodile cult located at this temple; they raised, worshiped and eventually mummified them.

Egypt, Day 5, Party

DH and I at the Galabea Party. I thought he looked damned hot as an Egyptian sheik, and I know I wasn't the only one who thought so... some dear old soul leaned over and told him that he was the best Lawrence of Arabia she'd ever seen.

The word "Party" was a bit of a misnomer... we dressed up for dinner, and then retired to the lounge afterwards, expecting games and such, but after one crazy round of conga-line style dancing, the fun appeared to be over.

The ship we were on was lovely, though dated... the music in the lounge was proof enough of that. They played terrible music that drove people away in droves. Tonight was no exception; though many gaily-dressed cruisers were still enjoying conversation in the lounge, they turned off the lights and cranked the horrible music. We all filtered out for the night.


~V said...

What magnificant photos!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Your vacation keeps getting better and better. I am so jealous but very thankful that you are sharing the experience.