Wednesday, January 30, 2008

For Better or Worse

I feel like I'm a negligent wife tonight...!

DH asked me to go to the movies with him tonight. We don't make a habit of this... we go maybe 4 times a year, waiting until a really special movie comes along.

This, IMHO, wasn't a special movie. Maybe for him, certainly not for me: the new Rambo. Can't think of too many movies I'd rather not see. Especially up-close and personal and in my face like it is on the big screen. Violence is not so much my thing.

On the other hand... if it was me wanting to go to a double-feature of Fried Green Tomatoes and Ghost, or some equally sentimental chick flicks, he'd give me a strange look (they're not my style, either) but he'd go with me if I asked. He'd do anything for me.

Me? I weighed the sick feeling I'd have after I just irredeemably wasted two hours of my life against the sick feeling I'd have from not being as good to him as he is to me. A lose-lose situation.

I'm here. He's there. The choice is made, for better or worse.

What would you have done???


kate said...

I would have let my man go to the movie solo too! And then planned a make-up event! I agree - life is too short to waste it on things that will not in any way enhance your day. I also think that there will be many opportunities in the future to prove your steadfast loyalties and love, and other movies to see together too!!!

~V said...

you need to learn to knit in the dark! ha!

~Tammy said...

I would have gone to the movie with him even if I didn't want to see the movie he wanted to see.

I'm the type in relationships like you say your DH is, I'd do anything for my SO. Whether it is something I would want to do or not. For me it's not so much about what you do, but who you do it with that makes something special, even a movie such as Rambo. Not my style of movie either, at least not in the theatre.

Now that being said, me doing something for my SO, it is never returned to me. If my SO doesn't want to do something, he wont. I don't call him on it. What is the point, really? Would I want him doing something with me because I've guilted him in to it??? That too me is just sad and I'd rather do nothing or do whatever it is on my own.

Here's to hoping your DH is in understanding your lack of desire to see Rambo.

Hope this makes sense and isn't just a bunch of rambling. I injected some of own personal garbage - sorry about that!

Susan said...

If I didn't want to hear your opinion, "personal garbage" and all, I wouldn't have asked. Thanks for your answer, Tammy. I think he *did* understand... he came home afterwards and said that I would have hated the movie. Plus, he was glad that I used the time to do half an essay, thus freeing up more time to spend with him.