Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fuzzy Bunnies, Socks, and Sheep

Sure, I've been quiet... but that doesn't mean I've been idle. Far from it. I've been knitting up a storm! I've even been quilting and stitching, too... it's been a productive time.

First off... admire these for a second.


Are they not divine? Are they not the best pair of mittens I've ever knit? (Disregard the fact that they're the only pair. Move along.)

They have a secret, too. Here's a taste.


Do you see that? Do you know just what that means?
Here. Let me spell it out.


Each adorable, yummy mitten has an even more adorable
100% angora liner knit into it. It's like having your hands snuggled by baby rabbits. (And since they're mittens, the impaired dexterity is equivalent to wearing rabbits on your hands, as well, but this was about form, not function.)

ohmygod I love these mittens. Even better? You see that mulberry-coloured goodness that they are reposing on? Yeah. That's my new parka. It's almost as if I bought the parka to match, but I swear it isn't so.

My mom has requested a pair of these, so I get to make another pair for her, in a slightly different size and colour. I can't wait! I loved knitting these.

Other knitting goodness? Okay. Two pairs of socks in the making.

Lang Yarns Super Soxx, the Harlot's Basic Sock recipe

The first, and possibly last, socks I have knit for my husband. GODDAMN he has large feet. never realized exactly how large until the kazzilionth row came and went. The gentle variegations of the yarn is perhaps the only reason I can bear to go on.

OnLine SuperSocke 100 Cotton, Blueberry Waffle pattern

Organic crunchy happy sunny waffle-y goodness. As you may have guessed by the colour, these ones are for me. Another half a sock to go on these.

Kate and I took a "Socks from the Toes Up" class last weekend at Wool-Tyme. It was a little confusing, and our sample socks looked like ass... well, at least mine did. However, when we met for our min-S&B on Tuesday, we figured it all out together. I've cast on for another pair of socks using the new techniques...

KnitPicks Memories (discontinued), Rocky Mountain Dusk. Toes up, Mock-Smock stitch.

All that knitting! I have also put in a few hours on my wolf cross-stitch, which is a gift for DH whenever it actually gets done. I have also nearly completed another panel of the StoryBook Farm quilt... the Wooly Good Friends. Those sheep are adorable.

So now you know I haven't been lazy! (Craft-wise. Blog-wise... another story!)


~V said...

oh oh oh those mittens look SO nice right now! I wonder if you could type with those on lol...beautiful, all your knitting is so lovely. I'm envious.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

It's a good thing that you knit those angora liners. Trust me, baby bunnies don't like to sit still long enough to keep your hands warm. Unless you get them during nap time. The outside of the mittens are just down right gorgeous.