Tuesday, December 18, 2007

We Made It!

No sleep for well over 20 hours, bad airplane food and service, but hot damned! We're in Cairo. First thoughts:
  • U.G.L.Y. Totally without character brick buildings, half-finished.
  • Sheep. Random herds of sheep in alleys. Goats, too; pegged beside apartment buildings.
  • Traffic. HOLY CRAP. Scary. No-one died on the way to the hotel, and I am amazed.
  • The pyramids at sunset. Sent a chill down my spine. Our hotel is practically on top of them; I don't know whether to be excited or cry at the encroachment of the new and cheap.
  • SLOW Internet. Gotta run before I run out of time. More when I can!


~Tammy said...

You crazy woman. In Cairo, and giving us updates! I love it.

Have a wonderful time!

~V said...

lol I'm with tammy, we're having quite the chuckle! I was shocked to see an update!lol..I'm sorry things aren't as gorgeous as *I* thought they'd be lol, but I'm still SO excited that you're there and you're seeing the pyramids! WOW! Now go and vacation girl and have fun!!!!!!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

A hotel near the pyramids...it's kind of like having a mall near the Acropolis...oh wait...there probably is......

kate said...

How cool is that - pyramids outside your hotel! The stories you will be able to entertain us with when you get home!

Have a great holiday, and Happy New Year!