Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tuesday in Pictures

I look out the window from my computer room and I see this:


The snow is drifting up to my waist in places. I remember feeling quite confident that we wouldn't have any snow to speak of until just before Christmas... was it my bravado that did us all in?

The pictures on the inside of the house are nicer, though.

Tannenbaum binding

I am sewing the binding on Oh Tannenbaum... I may actually have this German Christmas-themed quilt ready for Christmas!

Something that is ready well before Christmas:


This happy little Christmas cactus is always early. And beautiful. Want another shot? I do.


I think a certain furry someone in the house has the right idea about what to do on a snowy afternoon.


I may yet join her for a little nap. :)


~Velda said...

yuck..the snow...better you then me, altho I have a shot to post today too, it's NOTHING compared to that! That definately brings me flashbacks of my 6foot tall ottawa snowbanks on base I had to climb over to go to school each day! lol.....

Now the quilt, that's stunning! I'm so excited to see the finished piece, the colours are gorgeous.

And I'm totally jealous of your christmas cactus, that's one thing I can never get to bloom, no sunlight coming into this teeny non-south facing house! It's beautiful.

Kitty's got the grand idea! Hope you joined her!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Oh my giddy aunt!!!! I LOVE that quilt!!!!

In other news, I don't think the line from the book would be in a Phill Collins song. Maybe a John Mellencamp or Bruce Springsteen song...only those two could make a hit song about going down to the local deli.