Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Apropos of Nothing

When I went to LA in the spring for a work-related course, I was responsible for making my own hotel booking. It was no accident that I stayed in a hotel across from the biggest mall in Torrence. I wanted to shop guilt-free, so ate frugally in my room, saving my generous meal allowance for pretty pretty California clothes.

I met up with Victoria for the first time while I was down there, and she told me her Secret. Now, I have for my entire adult life been what Dar Williams charmingly calls a "braless wonder." I find bras uncomfortable, pointless and cruel. However, I walked into that store, determined to find out what the big fuss was all about.

I bought the first bra I ever really liked there. It's comfortable, it gives me a lovely boost, and I can forget it's even on. Why can't they all be like that?

Now that I've found a single bra that I like, I find myself wearing it more and more. Pity I only bought one as I feel a bit odd wearing the same one day in, day out. I went online and to order a single bra would be twice the price I paid in the store, by the time taxes and shipping are added on. I love that bra, but I can't decide if love is worth $80.

DH and I went to La Senza to try and find something equivalent. I bought some pretties, catching a good sale, but I find that I feel the under wires by the time a couple of hours have gone by. Dammit. I might just have to spend that $80.


They're pretty, though. I think DH is delighted that his wife is finally dressing like a lady underneath it all.

See? It's never too late to teach this old bitch a new trick. :)


Anonymous said...

Try Marianne's in the Westgate SC. Take the bra you like and ask them to find you something. (It might still cost you $80, but they do know what they're doing.)

. said...

Do you have any friends in the USA that can buy and resend to you? Might save you a pretty penny! Also, there is a Victoria Secret at Salmon Run in Watertown...little closer than LA :)

Leanne said...

If all else fails, I'd say spend the $80. Some things are just worth spending money on. A nice young man to snowblow the driveway = worth the money. A comfortable bra that fits and looks great = worth the money!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I think that most bra designers are thinking pretty rather than practical. For me comfort comes first, cute is mearly an afterthought.

kate said...

Honey - at $80.00 bucks that would be a mega sale for me - mine are $150.00 everyday right here in Ottawa!! Spend the money!! That =.22 cents of comfort and anything else you or anyone cares to feel, daily!! Better than Starbucks, and worth every penny I think hubby would say!!

Bergère de Lochaber said...

Hi! I met you at the knit out last August. I am happy to find your blog and see you finished those monkey socks you were knitting! I made a pair too. Merry Christmas!