Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I Have to Make it Through This Week First

I've been face-down in a calculus textbook for the last two weeks... my final exam is tomorrow and I am feeling the pressure.

In Grade 12 (many moons ago), I didn't give a rat's patootie... I knew I wasn't going to university, so what point was there in breaking my back for good marks? Now I know exactly how important this one single course is... it's the only required course for the program I want to take in university, so I feel like my entire fate is hanging on how well I do on it. Which kinda begs the question, "why am I blogging and not studying?", but I can't study 12 hours a day. I already feel pretty confident with the material but I also know my math-geek of a teacher will throw a curve ball or four just to make us extrapolate the material, and not just blindly plug in formulas. It's those that I worry about.

If I wasn't neck-deep in calculus, I'd be getting really, really excited about this. (ohmygodohmygod!!!) DH and I fly out next Monday to meeting his sister in Cairo for a 12-day trip to Egypt, including a week-long cruise down the Nile. (I say that like it's something I do all the time, but it sounds so surreal on "paper". I still can't believe we're going!) I haven't even really given a thought to packing, and that alone really says something about how mentally I am not there... I usually pack weeks in advance for everything and even draw diagrams and flow-charts to ensure full packing efficiency. (What can I say? I'm a little OCD at times.)

I've done two things so far... bought sunscreen and figured out how to wear my hair. The latter is a big one. I have hair down to my butt, and this isn't "jump out of bed and race to a tour-bus" hair. It's a high-maintenance thing, requiring gallons of conditioner and an hour of fussing after every casual dip in the pool. I don't want to have to worry about that while I'm lounging casually on a cruise ship, or hiking through ancient ruins. So I'm cornrowing it. I did it once before, during a similar trip (3 weeks backpacking Italy and Greece) and it was wonderfully low maintenance and stayed pretty throughout. Yes, this means I get to sit for hours on Monday putting 60-80 little braids in my hair, but seriously, the time and fuss that this will save during the trip will make it all worth-while. I'll have DH get some pics before and after... it's always fun.

We get back on the 30th of Dec, and 1 Jan is our 2nd anniversary. I found the perfect way to celebrate with my love. For our wedding, we rented a hot-tub and had a fun party in the snow... it was a perfect way to celebrate, as far as we are concerned. So, in homage to that party, I am taking DH to Le Nordik spa across the river in the Republic of Quebec. Outdoor Scandinavian baths, people. And massages. And tapas with Leffe. Are you hearing how perfect this is???! I will have a hard time keeping this a surprise.

We love thermal spas... we've been to a couple in Europe, in Terme Čatež (however you think it's pronounced, you're wrong (unless you're Slovenian)) and Bled. I have high hopes for this one, considering it's much closer then Slovenia. And, as far as these things go, reasonable priced.

So. Now I have no doubt made you feel like driving an icepick through my heart because of all the name-dropping of exotic travel destinations. I don't mean to sound snobby, it's just that DH and I love to travel! Egypt will quite possibly be the last really cool place for years, though; I can't see myself having the money to travel much while in university, to say nothing of the time. With that thought in mind, I am motivated to enjoy this trip to the fullest; from planning and packing to the adventure itself.

After my exam, that is.


. said...

Good luck on your exam! I know you've been working very hard!

Enjoy your trip (yes I'm still jealous lol) I know you'll have a wonderful time! You deserve it after the busy/crazy year you've had. I remember seeing pics of you in Greece (I think) with the cornrows. I had my much shorter hair done in the caribbean and it took hours! I can't imagine how long you're going to have to sit with all that gorgeous hair! Wow!

Happy Holidays, Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year! May you enjoy each and every moment together during this incredible trip! (and all the fun you've planned after!)

Leanne said...

Good luck on your exam! Your trip sounds wonderful - I'm sure it will be worth the anticipation.

Chelle and Maylee said...

Oh Egypt, that's on my to-go-visit list! Have lots of fun and cornrows are the best way to go. I found when I had braids in it was very easy to deal with when I french braided the braids to keep it out of my face.

Good luck with your exam!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Just leave it to something like an exam to squash the excitment of a trip like that from building up.

But as for the ice pick thing...nah...a knitting needle will suffice :)

Enjoy your trip and take lots of photos to post making the rest of us green with envy.

kate said...

I know, I know, jealously will get me no where, but dam that sounds like fun!! You'll do fine on your exam and then forget about it and enjoy the trip, the hot tubs, and your maintenance free hair!! You've earned it!!