Monday, December 3, 2007

Screw You, Winter.

There's nothing like two weeks of freakin' blizzards to light the proverbial fire under one's needles. I finished the Stripy Alpaca Scarf a few days ago, and immediately cast on for a hat. I'd like to say a matching hat, but the fates did not so decree. I was intending to do a Coronet hat, but use the brioche stitch for the body instead of the stockinette.

Easier said than done. The brioche stitch in the round is a bitch, no doubt about it, especially when you're holding two strands together. I couldn't make it work, despite three tries, and decided to make a hat I could wear *this* winter, not next. Stockinette it was.


The fact that I held two different colours of yarn together adds a bit of zing to this hat, I think. The random pattern of orange and brown look cryptic, like a hidden cypher. I like it, and I love how it fits and feels. Not to mention that I went from "cast on" to "finished object" in three days. Take that, "gosh you're a slow knitter" lady. (Yes, I still bear emotional scars from her comment... :) )

Stripy scarf and Coronet hat

Bring on the snow. My hat and neck, at least, are ready.


~Velda said...

3 days?????? geesh! VERY pretty set, I LOVE the design around the cuff(?) of the hat. Good job!

Oh, and I have the sentiments about winter! lol

Leanne said...

The hat looks great - the coronet seems to be going around!

I agree that brioche stitch flat is much easier than in the round. If you wanted to try it again with the coronet brim, you could hold off on grafting the brim together until after you finished the body. Then you could do the whole think flat, graft the brim and sew the hat seam. That should work.