Wednesday, November 28, 2007

NaBlahBlahBlah Is Almost Over!

God, will I be glad when the month of "posting any old crap just for the sake of posting", otherwise known as NaBloPoMo, is over in Blogland in general, so we can return to reading (gasp!) thoughtful posts where people actually have something to say.

My apologies, and admiration, to people who managed to post something worthwhile every day.

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kate said...

Hey Susan -

We missed you last SnB! And thanks for your message on my blog - it was appreciated.

Don;t worry, blog fatigue will lift as soon as the grey November is gone, and wit and humor and marvelous knitting will fill the blog lines soon enough! And soon everyone will be eager to show off their knitterly Christmas presents both given and received!

See you soon.