Sunday, November 4, 2007

Weaving and Spinning

You were all very kind not to point out that my happy yarn from Salt Spring is, in fact, a huge violation of the spirit of "10 Projects". It is, I know, but I can live with it if you can. And even if you can't. I will not forfeit my yarn to you, Kate, even if you swear that the purchase is way out of line... :)

Lisa and I participated in another bit of fiber-y goodness today: the Ottawa Valley Weaver's and Spinner's Guild yearly exhibition and show, in the Glebe. We went last year as well, despite the fact that neither of us weave or spin. Heck, we want to do both... and eventually, we will. Too many fiber arts, so little time.

The show is a petite candy land for fiber lovers... there are lace tatters, spinning wheels, drop spindle demonstrations, bats of alpaca, wool and other goodness, handspun and dyed yarn, and needle felting. It's like the flip side of the Inspirations Needlecraft show, and equally as fulfilling in its own way. We lovingly stroked soft, soft things for an hour before moving along.

Although I very much want to learn how to use a drop spindle, I am giving myself a full year before I go there. Next year, I'll strap some training wheels on and learn yet another fiber art. That will let knitting and I have plenty of time to solidify our relationship... after all, we've only been going steady for a year at the end of November. Can you believe it! One baby blanket, three scarves, and five pairs of socks ago, I was "just" a crocheter.

I'm thankful for a little normality in life these last couple of days, and also for the chance to talk to you. You know, I missed it. There was so much going on that I couldn't bring to this public forum; I am still negotiating the fine line of how much of my private life I want up on this page. That being said, I appreciate all your support over the last few weeks. Thank you.


~Velda said...

All these temptations, it's not fair you know!! I think I need to make another trip to my boring (lol,compared to your excursions!) trip to Wooltyme! lol Glad to hear things are getting back to relative normalcy. I've missed chatting with you, but you've certainly been in my thoughts!

kate said...

From one wagon toppler to another, I'm impressed you lasted as long as you did!!

I expect to see some serious fiber goodness tomorrow to make up for all your teasing! You know I only mean to help in any way that I can, so you will kindly not check my pockets on the way out!!