Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bring It On

I have been knitting a fair bit recently. Here's the product of my labours since the last time I shared my stuff with you.

mum's sock

West-Jet Socks II, for Mum. The Harlot's Basic Sock recipe, OnLine SuperSocke 100 yarn.


Legwarmers, inspired by HelloYarn's recipe. I wear skirts pretty much all the time, and these seemed a wonderfully simple way to keep my legs warm without high boots. Knit from the wonderful hand-painted yarn made at and purchased from Bullock Lake Farms on Salt Spring Island.

Finally. The icing on the cake, and looking good enough to actually be icing. The mittens.


The palm.


The top side. What you're looking at is the extended cuff (in between contract colour purled rows). I still have another 10 rows or so before I hit the thumb. Did I mention I am loving these? They're super addictive, warm as heck (already! There's still an angora lining to be added!) and without question, the loveliest thing I have ever knitted.

I never understood the Harlot's fascination with Norwegian/Latvian/Estonian mittens before. I get it now. They're tiny blank canvases to throw the most extravagant patterning you can on to them. Bring it on.


~Velda said...

OMG those mittens *drool!* the socks are lovely too :)

kate said...

You put me to shame! They're gorgeous! I'm in awe of your fearlessness!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!....I think that says it all about those mittens.