Friday, November 2, 2007

Treasures from the Rainforest

DH and I waddled in the door Thursday night, exhausted from travel and emotion. We decided to take it easy on ourselves for dinner, and DH went to the local pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) restaurant for take-out. He picked up the mail on the way home, and in it was a much-needed pick-me-up from my new friend Chelle, out there on the West Coast, courtesy of Knitter's Tea Swap 4.


What a treasure trove! The tea is amazing... chocolate cinnamon green tea, a wonderful-smelling grapefruit herbal, and a sweet little tin of vanilla green. I haven't tried any of these because you'd have to pry the cup of absolutely heavenly Pear Green (from Steeps Tea) out of my fingers. Thanks, Chelle, for getting me and my husband hooked on this from the first cup, and ne'er a local supplier in sight! :) Divine tea, as promised.

For treats, there was Lindt chocolates and gourmet jelly beans. Perfect!

Yarn-wise... well. Chelle mailed me a Dubrovnik sunset, expertly executed in superwash, hand-painted merino wool. Ironically, the yarn is from Indigo Moon Yarn, on Gabriola Island... about a 20 minute ferry-ride from Nanaimo. The colour is "Kaleidoscope", but I saw it and immediately thought of a certain perfect sunset DH and I fell in love to in Croatia. What an amazingly intuitive choice, Chelle, and what beautiful socks these will make.


Rounding out this amazing package was a clever Chinese cup with a loose-tea strainer and lid, a cute book to record patterns in, and a package of page protectors, which are invaluable to keep those patterns printed from the Internet neat and tidy.


I love it all, Chelle, and I am touched by the thoughtfulness and time you took to build this package just for me. Thank you so much.


~Tammy said...

What an awesome package filled with wonderful goodies. Such beautiful and thoughtful gifts. Enjoy them!

~Velda said...

What a great exchange gift, everything matches you so perfectly. Good job by your friend! Oh that yarn is stunning!

kate said...

Welcome home! That package looks like it was the perfect pick me up!! The yarn is scrumptious, and I can't wait to fondle it in person!!! Oh!! Now there's an assumption - you will let me fondle it, won't you???? Pleasssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeee!!

Michelle said...

Argg lost my comment! I'll have to type it again.

I'm glad all the your package made it to you in one piece I was a wee bit worried about the tea cup.

Ohh, the crack... I mean pear green tea found a loving home. I love the tea, if you ever need more I don't mind picking up some with my regular trip back I'm addicted to it myself or you can order it online from the directly. It's a good thing I didn't send any teas from my absolute favourite tea store ="" target="_blank">t I might create a monster. If you get a chance to come back to Vancouver I insist you stop in to try their tea is magical. Actually contact me if you are in town ever and I'll take you there for a cuppa plus some knitting.

It made me happy that your tea package picked you up because that was my intention! Take care and happy knitting.