Saturday, November 17, 2007

They Were That Good

At this point in time, I think I have cheated on "10 Projects" enough times to be turfed out on my ear. I'm pretty glad there's no Project Police (there isn't, is there?) 'cause I had that little incident on Salt Spring Island, and then I had a slight indiscretion a couple of days ago in Wool-Tyme. See, I saw a really cool pair of mittens at the Inspirations Needlecraft show, and I coveted them. But I don't wear mittens, so Logical Sue said "Don't buy them" and Impulsive Sue listened. For once.

However, after a couple of weeks of trying to forget them, Logical Sue spoke up. "These mittens," she reasoned, "are Fair-Isle. If ever you hope to do that Kauni cardigan and not have it look like ass, you're going to have to learn Fair-Isle. Better to start with a nice small project. Say, mittens."

I was tempted, but defiant. Then, Logical Sue reminded me that I had a full customer card from Wool-Tyme, good for 15% off my next purchase. Like, perhaps, a mitten kit.

The next thing I knew, I was back at home, surreptitiously shredding a receipt with one hand and looking down, somewhat puzzled, at the package of soft wool, alpaca and angora in other hand. What just happened??? Somewhere in the back of my mind, Logical Sue and Impulsive Sue were howling with glee, having taken the reins and ran with it... err, me.

I finished the other quickie project on the needles (leg warmers, pics soon), swatched and cast on immediately for those mittens. The colours, the stranding, the pattern... it is delighting me like no other project has done before. This is how bad, or how good, it is: I sat beside DH, knitting on the couch tonight for three solid hours while he watched the hockey game.

Hockey always makes me flee the room. I throw up a little in the back of my throat every time I hear some grossly overpaid dimwit with no teeth tell the announcer that "Well, you see, we have to put the puck in the net more, that's what we need to do to win." I was so enthralled with the joy of the mittens that my ears didn't even start to bleed and I was barely blinded by Don Cherry's suit. Yes... They were THAT good.

I'll post pics of them tomorrow, as well. I am utterly charmed by their cleverness and colours, and I feel the need to show them off, just a little, even in their partial state.


~Tammy said...

I just about spit my coffee all over my computer monitor after reading your hockey comments. Okay, maybe a little bit of coffee dribbled down my chin in an effort to keep the majority of it in my mouth! Too funny!

Maybe now you and DH can have hockey date nights. ;)

~Velda said...

well I'm with you on hockey...luckily I'm not married to a sports fanatic (in ANY field!)(but I feel the same way about documentaries lol) but what better way to muddle thru a game than enjoying one of your favourite pasttimes!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Sometimes you have to shove logical Sue into the glove compartment when you go shopping. Or just leave the kill joy at home.