Friday, November 9, 2007

Of Fall and the Fallen

My answer to the question "what's your favourite season?" varies... well, seasonally. I am a fickle woman... I love best whoever I'm with at the time. Today, it's most certainly fall. The tangy crunch of the air and the leaves is invigorating, and I finally get to dress like myself again. Those long wool skirts, fluffy sweaters and bright cardigans (sadly, none of it handmade yet) look and feel oddly out of place in July. I feel at home in these clothes; could it be my soup├žon of Finnish blood? Perhaps that explains my abnormal love of saunas, too.

Today was a bit of a career highlight for me: I received my Canadian Forces Decoration, or CD. It's for 12 years of unblemished service in the Forces, or, as we always say, 12 years of undetected crime. Although it's been due for some time now, the actual receiving of a medal is a pretty special event (in my life, anyhow.) This is my fourth; when mounted they will cross the entire span of the left side of my jacket. Just as well it will be my last!

Sunday is Remembrance Day. This year promises to be especially poignant as it will, in all likelihood, be my last one in uniform. I will miss very much the show of solidarity in the coming years, but I have a consolation: I have stood shoulder to shoulder with veterans from past and current conflicts, and the knowledge that I have done my small share in the name of global peacekeeping will balm my sadness.

Take a moment to remember Canada's fallen... your fallen, on the 11th hour on Sunday. It truly is the least we can do.


~Velda said...

Congratulations on your decoration, I can picture your smile and pride as you received this. I'll be thinking of all my soldier family and friends on Remembrance Day.

kate said...

I think often of my many friends and family who have proudly served our country, and I am grateful to have met you while you you still choose to serve. You well represent the people who give of themselves so that we may have the freedom and choices we take for granted every day, and for that I thank you and all those who serve, past and present, from the bottom of my heart.
Congratulations on your decoration - wear it with pride. You have earned it.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

It's been about 4 years since my DH wore a uniform for Remembrance Day but he still wears his medals from the various conflicts, on that day.
My DD is in sea cadets and her unit were part of the official ceremony in our neck of the woods.