Friday, July 20, 2007

The Second Project

I know I said two days ago that socks are exempt from the game, but yet I choose a pair for the second project. However. There are socks, and there are SOCKS. These are a major work. However, they're almost a necessity... those who know me know my predilection for wearing skirts year-round, and let me tell ya, the legs, they get cold in the winter. Yummy merino hand-knit knee-highs are just what the doctor ordered.
I bought this yarn to knit them in:

(Louet Gems (Pearl), in Ginger.) (Doesn't even the name sound yummy??)

I'm fairly new to the sock knitting game. I've done two pairs with the traditional double-pointed needles, but am now taking a lesson from Cat Bordhi with my third pair... a delicious pair of Koigu Monkey socks for my mom (mom Linda, not mom Janet... she has yet to be visited by the sock fairy! :) ) Let's see if I can get a shot of those in here...

And a close-up, with much truer colour and a detailed look at the lace:

Anyhow. All that is to say that no matter how much of a challenge previous socks were, I think that Millicent will stretch me in all new ways. Bring it on!

Apologies for the rough photos. I have a few kinks to work out... :)

Apologies as well for the wildly fluctuating font/font size. I'm in the process of learning HTML to do this myself, 'cause it looks like the composer isn't always a sure thing, and it sure as heck ain't psychic.


~Velda said...

ahh socks! I LOVE the complicated ones, those are gorgeous. As I'm scrolling the screen I notice behind my monitor that the wool is the same colour as my walls :) good choice! monkey socks? the oddball names nearly make me want to learn how....nearly....

Kristin said...

Oooh...I love those socks...both the ones you have started and the ones you haven't. I crochet a lot but have yet to learn to knit.