Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Peer Pressure Strikes Again

After resisting the pull for years, I have finally decided to set up a cozy little home on the WWW. Let's blame Velda for that, shall we? She can drop some mean hints!

I think one of the final straws was the "10 Projects" challenge I saw on her site.I am a multidisciplinary crafter with my fingers in perhaps 40 different projects... some WIP's, some not even started yet. I need to pare down a little, but I completely lack the self-control to do so... often being pulled into yarn-buying sprees online at 10 at night. This must stop!!!

So. The rules as I understand them. Pick 10 projects and stick with 'em until they're done. No buying new materials for other projects until ALL 10 are off the plate... though buying materials to facilitate THE 10 is fair game.

I am in. I can do this... with one exception. Socks. They're light, quick and portable... they fit in the purse and allow me to use lunch-hours and queue-lines more efficiently. Aside from normal, every-day sock knitting, the game is on.

I need to compile the list now. I want something from every WIP pile... some crochet, some knitting, some quilting and some cross-stitch. I must think about this... :)


~Velda said...

If I gotta be damned, you know I wanna be damned, wanna be damned by you! (Name that tune!lol) Well bless your heart! You have no idea how excited I am to be the pressure that resulted in this new blog, your amazing crafting ability should be shared with the world :) I look forward to all your entries...Welcome to blogland :)

Kristin said...

ROFL...come on V...That isn't even a hard name that tune (Bat Out of Hell).

Susan...I really should join this 10 project commitment buy I just can't bring myself to do it. My stash has reached S.A.B.L.E. levels in cross stitch (fabric, patterns, and fibers), sewing quilting (tons o fabric), and crocheting (enough yarn to clothe an army)...LOL

Susan said...

OMG I was so not a rocker chick... I *didn't* know that song at all! :)
And Kristin... I would *love* to see an army clothed all in crochet. I volunteer to make wee crocheted doily hats for each and every one, God bless 'em. :)