Monday, July 23, 2007

Nesting Time!

I've always been a bit of a nester... but since my marriage, it's a little over the top. I have this need to transform an already lovely house into a living work of art. Through the use of paint and decor, I'm largely succeeding, though the work is far from done.

We celebrated our house's first anniversary just two weeks ago. It came unpainted, and that's been my largest task to date. Most of the main floor is finished, and I'm concentrating on the bedrooms now. I finished the master retreat just last weekend... check out this warm, cozy green and how well this twig mat sets it off.

The problem is (and anyone who has picked up a paintbrush with the best of intentions knows this) that as soon as you finish updating something, it may well make something else stand out glaringly in need of help. I thought I'd avoid that, it being a new house and all, but I got it anyhow, in this form:

In retrospect, I might have known that my dark emerald green furniture would clash hideously with dark moss green. Lord knows it does. Damn near stomach-turning, IMHO. We can't really splurge on new furniture right now, especially considering the emerald, though gaudy in colour, is in pretty good condition.

I propose to keep right on painting. Paint the furniture, too! Not dark green, though... a lovely, almost black espresso brown that will be lovely, neutral, and go smashingly with what we've got already. And as my mum Janet pointed out, that colour's in right now. Yay! I get to be trendy for two weeks of my life! :)

The other project in action is SD1's (step-daughter) room. She chose this light aquamarine blue, and it's quite lovely.

However, my girlfriend Lisa took one look at the room and suggested that I do one wall in an accent colour to liven up the somewhat sedate blue. I think she really could be on to something there, especially considering that these are SD1's drapes:

What do you think? One accent wall of lime green? Or leave the sleepy sedate blue right alone?


~Velda said...

Ahh I'm really enjoying these photos for sure! I love the sage green. Looking forward to the painting of the furniture, it's definately 'stand-outish'! SD1s room is awesome, especially with the green added. Those colours are 'huge' in the teen (well pre-teen for her) room...there are all kinds of cool accessories in those colours (read:Ashlee lol) Looking forward to more photos of your home :) You've done a lovely job

Kristin said...

I love the colors in your SD'd room. I think I would definitely paint one wall that lime green as an accent.

PS...Thanks Velda for pointing out this blog to me.