Saturday, August 23, 2008

What a Party!

My knee is stiff. My calves are seized. My feet have hot-spots all over, and I literally blew a shoe. I'm a little dehydrated and a little sunburned, despite the SPF 45 I dipped myself in this morning. My hair is weird, stiff, spiky and salty from all the sweat it absorbed every time it slapped my face in a turn- which was often. All this is to say, goddamn! That was a good afternoon.

Dancing In The Streets was was everything I had thought it might be, though sadly under-attended. I guess with the Ex and Reggae Fest and who knows what other festivals, there wasn't enough people to go around. Plus, I think that this event wasn't really advertised well- if it wasn't for the dance studio, I would have never known about it.

The Fred Astaire studio had four floor shows throughout the afternoon, instructors with glitzy costumes and even glitzier moves. There were free group lessons and hours of just open social dancing. I met many other regulars of the studio and some handsome young bucks who came up from the salsa dance joint down the street. The weather was hot and so was the dancing.

I didn't see XUP, or maybe I did and just didn't know it (how would I know, unless she wore a big name tag?) However, I did keep an ear out for anyone mimicking unusual sounds, just in case.

It was the perfect way to celebrate and commemorate those who have faced cancer. It was also the best way ever to celebrate life, summer, dancing, and friends.


~V said...

Sounds like a perfect day! I totally hate 'summer sweat hair' and mine is only 1/2 as long as your hair, I can't imagine! Now grab some berries and get that hubby to massage your feet!

exurbanpedestrian said...

Ha ha - unfortunately we didn't end up getting there because we had unexpected company. But thanks for keeping an eye out for me. I do this all the time now when I'm at a local event -- checking around to see who might be bloggers I know. I never find any though because I wouldn't recognize them, right?

Susan said...

Exactly my point! :) I suppose I could sidle up to likely strangers and ask "Are you Zoop?" (my best guess at pronouncing your pen name)... but that sounds like a proposition or a marketing campaign.