Thursday, August 14, 2008

Knit-Out and Garlic Fest

As far as you know, I've been up to absolutely nothing, because that's pretty much what I've blogged about recently. Truth is, I've been lazy... there's been a lot going on lately.

First there was the OKG Knit-Out at the Experimental Farm. The ever-present rain held off and we all had a lovely day, even my step-daughters, who were corralled into coming. Well, one asked if she could come, the other needed to be coerced to give my husband some much-needed "me" time.

A very patient knitter showing SD the Eldest the tricks of broomstick lace. This is the one who didn't want to come... she got really into it.


The other one loved it right from the get-go, and really enjoyed our Guild president's freakishly large needles.


Then, last weekend, my girlfriend Lisa and I headed out to Carp for the Garlic Festival. We went last year and discovered that the garlic they sell at the supermarket really can't compare to the fresh stuff. This year we went with the intent of purchasing a year's worth of garlic so as to never have to buy it from the supermarket again.



I think I must have bought 6 or 7 pounds of garlic... I hope it's enough. I intend to plant two varieties in the fall for my own personal harvest next summer.

After Carp came my own version of the garlic festival. Bruschetta, heavy on the feta and scapes, and quinoa tabbouleh with mint and parsley straight from my own garden. This is what summer is supposed to taste like.


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~V said...

I miss the girls so much. Very freakishly cool needles, those could seriously poke an eye out! lol....I'm just getting into garlic (yeah I know, me, miss no spice) -- so just how do you store that much garlic?

My mouth is watering, if only for the feta!