Thursday, August 14, 2008

Quilting, Knitting, Painting and Stitching, Too.

I've been no slouch in the crafting department, either; it's just that nothing is near completion or terribly photogenic. All the same, here's what's going on in the sewing room.

These are so boring they make me want to weep, but in a few short months, I will be grateful I took the time to knit these knee-high, worsted weight ribbed socks. They're nothing fancy, for sure, but an essential all the same.


This is a whole lot fancier. Pretty much opposite from the socks, actually. It's Askew, done in Berroco Suede Deluxe for a lovely sparkle. This top also has so much negative ease planned in that it might actually be unwearable, but I'll keep plunking away. I have never finished a top before, so too small or not, this one's getting done. I hope it fits, it will be sexy as hell if so.


On to quilting. I'm still wading through the quilt I'm making for my niece. It's quite the work of art, if I do say so myself; reversible and quilted-as-I-go. Here's what I have so far, the "A" side.


A close-up of my quilting:


And with a square flipped over so you can see the "B" side:


I also painted the bed-side tables I talked about oh, a year ago. These were a dark emerald green that didn't go with anything. The decorator who chose our paint colours made me swear we'd get rid of the furniture before we painted... a little late, but the problem is being taken care of (complete with gratuitous cat tail.)


I've also done some cross-stitch. I used to be an avid stitcher, but quilting and knitting has taken over because I enjoy the added dimensions- cross-stitch is just so flat and ornamental. However, I have a lovely stash of fabric and patterns and I am determined not to ignore my first love. No pictures of that, because the progress is so small, but I'll keep plunking away and maybe one day you'll see a finished work.

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~V said...

I can picture those lovely knees on you in the dead of the Ottawa winter with your lovely long pretty! Sweet top...*sigh*...My wool still sits in balls....The dresser is lovely, the colour gorgeous. Hey guess what, you've cross stitched more than I have! (6 weeks of nothing and counting)