Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stress Test

I was at a girlfriend's tonight, curled up sideways in her overstuffed leather sofa. I was knitting (a sock... what else?) while we visited, carefully watching the pointy end of her cat as I worked... the cat had a bit of a reputation as a yarn eater, and she was curled up on my lap, just waiting for her chance. Consequently, when I needed to lay the knitting down to struggle upright on the sofa to reach my coffee, I was careful to place it on the sofa back, well out of reach of the playful kitty.

I was minding the wrong danger, though, for as I used my elbow to pry myself upright out of her sofa's deep embrace, I felt and heard a sound that made me a little sick.


Gingerly, I took my arm away from the cushions, but the damage was already done. (Look away now, if the sight of abused tools makes you cringe.)


Laminated birch may be plenty strong, but apparently the 90-odd pounds of pressure I placed on it as I ground it into the sofa was a little too much. (Luckily, my gf's leather sofa remained unpunctured.)

Unable to happily visit for hours with still hands, I begged some needles and yarn off her and made her cat a toy sock while I enjoyed the rest of my visit.

Is anyone I see on a half-regular basis doing a Knitpicks order in the future? Seems I've developed the need for a new Harmony interchangeable in 3.75mm/size 5. I dare not do an order by myself because then all sorts of yarn will "accidentally" fall in my basket in an attempt to make the shipping fees worthwhile...


~V said...

Oh no, and what a pretty needle too....I say shop. Why not, you deserve it...just buy 3 balls instead of 30 :)

you have a real way of attracting other people's kitties to your lap don't you lol

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I have a friend who did that....not the needle thing. She emailed me asking if there was anything I needed at knitpicks.

I'm so weak, I couldn't resist.

kate said...

OMG - thank goodness for the sock blank order that going in shortly!