Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Socks, Socks, Socks

I finished the socks for my mum a couple of days ago. Here you see them reposing in my garden on my new and oh-so-expensive sock blockers, formed by arguing with a wire hanger for a few minutes...

Wendy's Double Eyelet Rib (pdf file), in Fleece Artist Nova merino.

I think those sock blockers make my feet look fat... these socks actually do fit humans. No, really.

I attended a family function with my girlfriend last Friday, and we were both so stressed from the experience that we simply had to swing by Wool-Tyme on the way home. Yarn therapy... it's good for whatever ails you. I picked up a couple of balls from the bargain bin, and being thoroughly enchanted by their potential, cast on a sock on Saturday. They piqued my interest so much that I was done a sock in 5 hours... the fastest thing I've every churned off the needles. I love it and want to sleep with it. I can't wait to make its little buddy.



My only regret is that it's totally not wooly sock weather right now.

Lastly, I cast on some scrumptious Handmaiden yarn that I picked up at Janie H's last weekend. I thought it would be Double Eyelet Rib, as well, but it didn't play nicely with the yarn. I tried Jaywalker then, but that wasn't working out... so finally I went to an oldie but goodie, Fan and Feather. I think Grandma will love these. This yarn is incredibly soft, but I also found that it didn't care for the repeated frogging.



~V said...

My goodness you've been busy. I was ohhing and ahhing over the first photo until I saw the 2nd photo! YUM-O! I'm almost encouraged to start my afghan...almost ;)

XUP said...

This post made me feel all hot and itchy

kate said...

OMG - you have too much time on your hands!! Love them - all!!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Who says it isn't wooly weather? Just turn up the air very high and you'll need to put on those lovely socks.

Krista said...

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