Sunday, May 18, 2008

Stash Enhancement

I was lucky enough to win a $50 gift certificate in a quilt shop in Brockville as a result of the Stash and Dash Poker Run in March. DH graciously offered to drive me down yesterday to spend the certificate.

I have a plan for a quilt for my niece in the making. She just moved into her first "big girl" bed, and the soft flannel quilt I made for her as a baby just wouldn't cut it anymore.

Abby's Quilt 2

So while we were on the shop hop I picked up a couple of charm packs by Northcott, thinking they would make a pretty quilt for a young girl child. The fabric was a hint old-fashioned with dusty pastels and floral motifs. I went to Brockville with the idea of choosing complimentary fabrics to make her quilt with.

We found Picket Fence Fabrics with minor difficulties introduced by my failure to read. King Street East is not the same thing as King Street West... who knew?! Once through the door, it was apparent that this was a special shop. Though they had just moved and were still awaiting stock and decorating, the space was bright and cheery, and the owner, Jennifer, could not have been more helpful.

DH found fabric right away for the reverse side of the quilt. I love this fabric so much that I believe this side will be the feature side



and the florals will just hang around on the back.


Jennifer knew her stuff and wasn't afraid to share. She demonstrated two different techniques for me when I expressed unfamiliarity, referred me to books and websites, and generally made our drive totally worth it. Of course, I spent that $50 gift certificate and then some... for what was supposed to be a relatively cheap quilt (is there such a thing?) I spent too much. However, that beautiful Japanese fabric just had my number.

She also introduced me to fusible binding. How is it I've been a quilter for 8 years and I'm just hearing about this modern miracle now??!


Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

That's the problem. No matter how much the gift certificate is for, we always spend more. What can I say, they see us coming a mile away.

~V said...

Beautiful colours! We were only 1/2 hr away from each other that day! lol