Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy To See the Sunshine

I think that what I endearingly call "Hell Month" is over. The step-daughter whose behaviour was driving me and my husband collectively nuts seems to have gained a little equilibrium. Either that, or the locks that we put on all the interior doors are cramping her style. Hard to say. Really, though, I think her only problem is that she's 12, has ADHD, and misses her mummy.

Her mummy's in Afghanistan on deployment and can't be bothered to call home to talk to her daughters. Frankly, I think I'd have emotional problems, too, if my mum treated me like that. I KNOW it's the mum's choice to remain so distant... when DH was in the 'Stan last spring/summer, he called me twice a day, pretty much every day. Don't tell me she can't. I am far from "(Step-) Mother of the Year" material, but this woman drives me mental. Seriously. Seriously! (said in the voice of Izzie Stevens, and with a tinge of the same hysteria.)

Anyhow. Between SD1 setting down, and spring here full force, I'm feeling better every day. I'm done my Philosophy course... I don't know my exact mark yet, but it's a doozy... I went into the exam with a 100% average (!) and got 94% on the exam, which was worth 30% of my total mark. Since my strong point is apparently philosophy and not math, I don't know what that leaves me with, but I know it's good.
(Edited to add: it's 98%. Not because I calculated it, but because they did.) I loved that course, and will pursue further courses on the topic.

I'm also done the quilt I showed you a while back, in the sandwiching stages. I'll post pictures soon, but it's way upstairs, and I'm downstairs... :) Plus, it needs a little attention to get the chalk marks out of it. Quilters... what do you use to transfer quilting patterns onto your fabric with? My method sucks. There must be a better way.

Speaking of quilting, there's the Ottawa Quilter's Guild quilt show this weekend at the RA Center. Do take some time to go and get all inspired; there's some lovely pieces as well as a merchant's market with some nice prices on fat quarters.

In the knitting corner, I'm still plunking away on the cardigan. I've also (nearly) finished a sock and have cast on the next one... I want these to be longer socks, but without the benefit of a scale, I can't tell when I've used half the ball. I'll knit the second sock until it's the length of the first, and guesstimate how many more rows I have left from there.

Wendy Johnson's Double Eyelet Rib, in Fleece Artist Merino. (Say it with me. MMmmmmm, Fleece Artist.)

Before I go, shots of spring from the garden.

Golden Locust buds.

The strawberries are VERY happy to see the sunshine!

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