Sunday, May 11, 2008



My husband makes pancakes for the family on Sunday morning. A late riser, I'm usually just rolling out of bed by the time he's rounded up the girls and gone for the day, out to play in the woods at his brother's property.

I came down to this pretty little "Still Life on Mother's Day Morning." My husband's card was mooshy and lovey as always... I swear the man trolls the card shops for hours looking for Just The Right Card. (To make you even more envious, he doesn't just wait for Big Events to give them to me. He's a big one for random romantic moments.)

The girl's cards are a little more ambivalent. SD1, the founder of hell month, writes, "may get really angry But you'll always be the greatest step mom ever". She signs it "HRH of Loud Noises." Too true, and funny as heck. SD2, who's a little meeker and more political despite being younger, simply hopes that I have the best day out of all the days of the year.

I think I might do just that. A little gardening, a little knitting, a little sewing, and I might even fit in a little gaming. Hope your Mother's Day is as pleasant as mine is shaping up to be.

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~V said...

I'm glad that you have such a beautiful family who loves you so much, you deserve it. Enjoy your day!