Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's A Girl!!!

The unexpected happened last week.

It was DH's day to do a massive clean on his fish tank. It being 50 gallons, there's a lot of work involved, and more than one trip to the pet store ensued for various filters and plants. I went with him the first time, and as we waited in the queue, we visited with the kitties from the Humane Society. I began talking to a pretty little calico but the sweet mew of a torti caught my ear, and I stooped for a chat with her and a furtive scratch on her forehead through the cage door.

DH finished paying for his stuff, and we stood there talking to the kitties for a bit. He, too, stooped to have some time with the pretty little torti. Just then, one of the associates approached and began doing paperwork on the cats, involving checking the numbers on their collars. He started with the one we had been talking to, scooping her out of her cage by her belly. Although it looked like not the most comfortable position, she licked his hand and purred as he manipulated her. We chatted for a couple more minutes, then left to finish the fish tank.

Another trip later in the day, and DH took SD2, who started whispering to the same cat.

We have a cat already in the house. Mina is 9 years old, and affectionate as heck to DH and I... when she feels like it. Many a happy hour we have spent with her purring on our faces. However, she *hates* the girls, hissing at them whenever they enter the room.

The little kitty remained on our mind, and DH and I actually were both separately running through the mental check-lists of things we'd need to do to introduce a new kitty into the house. Once we knew that the other was on the same track (as usual), it was pretty much a done deal.

We adopted her on Sunday, and it was so very much the Right Thing To Do. She, now named Ginger, is the happiest little cuddlebug I've ever seen in my life. The girls are delighted that there's a cat in the house that actually likes them, and DH and I are charmed with her petite frame, long legs, beautiful colouration, and above all, her sweet nature.

Mina is less thrilled, though we are observing quarantine for Ginger for a couple of weeks, so they've just seen each other through glass. Much hissing was to be had; I don't think it will necessarily be a smooth integration, but I know that Ginger chose us for a reason and it will all work out. Yes, Mina may wear her hisser out, but she may also lose a little weight with a young upstart herding her around the house!





~V said...

Susan, she's beautiful!!!!!!! She's so lucky!! Congratulations on your baby girl! *giggle*

Bergère de Lochaber said...

What a beautiful puss. Ginger is such a perfect name. I hope you have better sleeps too! Oye.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Congrats on the newest member of your family. She is a cutie.